Azalea and Rhododendron Organizations

American Rhododendron Society (ARS)
ARS Online Store
ARS California Chapter
ARS Fraser South Chapter
ARS Mason Dixon Chapter
ARS Massachusetts Chapter, Species in Our Midst
ARS Middle Atlantic Chapter
Azalea Society of America
Rhododendron Species Foundation

Individuals' Web Sites

Doug Davis
Steve Henning
Tijs Huisman
Don Hyatt
Bill Miller
Earl Sommerville – Georgia Native Azaleas
Earl Sommerville – Kelly Strickland and Sommerville Collections

Universities / Extension Offices

Clemson University
University of Georgia
University of Missouri
Virginia Tech


Atlanta Botanical Garden
Biltmore Gardens
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Callaway Gardens
Georgia State Botanical Garden
Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
South Carolina Botanical Garden


Alabama Plant Atlas (Rhododendron)
BONAP’s North American Plant Atlas (Rhododendron)
Digital Librarian
Encyclopedia of Life
Flora of North America (Rhododendron)
Flora of the Southeast
Florida Vascular Plant Atlas (Rhododendron) About Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Vireyas
Native Plants of the Carolinas and Georgia
Native Plant Database
South Carolina Plant Atlas
Southeastern Flora
Tennessee Vascular Plant Atlas (Rhododendron)
USDA Plants Database

Virginia Flora Digital Atlas


Other Plant Societies

American Camellia Society
American Hydrangea Society
Greater Atlanta Rose Society
Greater Gwinnett Rose Society
Georgia Botanical Society
Georgia Hosta Society
Georgia Iris Society
Georgia Native Plant Society
North Georgia Camellia Society (Facebook page)

Other Useful Related Sites

Azalea Splendor
Dictionary of Botany

Southern Living (Azalea)

Yahoo Group – Azaleas