Piedmont azalea, possibly a hybrid
Pinxterbloom azalea
Alabama azalea
Coastal azalea
May white azalea
Red Hills azalea (white)
Red Hills azalea
Red Hills azalea (pink)
Red Hills azalea (yellow)

Welcome to The Azalea Chapter, ARS!

Welcome to The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society (ARS). We offer information and resources on rhododendrons for members and the public. Rhododendron is a large genus of plants containing over 850 species. This genus is one of the most spectacular groups of flowering plants in the world, and all azaleas, whether evergreen or deciduous, are part of the rhododendron family.

Centered in Atlanta, Georgia, in a state where most of the world’s deciduous azaleas can be found growing naturally and most evergreen azaleas thrive, our chapter specializes in azaleas, but not to the exclusion of other rhododendrons or even other types of plants. The Azalea Chapter offers field trips, garden tours, flower shows, plant sales, co-op purchases, a speakers bureau, plus fellowship, parties and fun! We have regular meetings on many plant-related topics, a monthly newsletter, and this web site.

We have a wealth of information on this site, and the menus at the top of the page with their drop-down submenus should be self explanatory. Much of the information can be found on the Plant Info and Resources pages. Current information will be published on our News Blog, and back issues of Azalea Blooms, our chapter newsletter, are available. Our Calendar will keep you informed of upcoming events. You will quickly notice that we like pictures. We think they help us understand more than words alone can. And don't forget to regularly check our Photo Albums for updates.

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