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We intend to provide you with the best possible information on azaleas and other rhododendrons. Our emphasis is on southern U.S. native species and plants that grow well in the southeastern portion because that is what we know the best.

This news blog keeps you informed on upcoming meetings, field trips, new information on our web site, and other interesting tidbits as they come to our attention.

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We plan to have a full season of field trips for 2014. Keep checking our Calendar and this News Blog for specific dates. As you know, bloom times can vary greatly; they could be earlier than normal as in 2012 or later than normal as in 2013. We will offer car pools whenever we can. Possible locations for trips include:

  • Roswell Mill area, Fulton County, GA (April) [R. canescens, flammeum, calendulaceum]
  • Lumpkin County, GA (April & May) [canescens, calendulaceum, arborescens]
  • Dawson Forest, Dawson County, GA (April & May) [canescens + ??]
  • Hall County, GA (April & May) [canescens, arborescens, calendulaceum, + ??]
  • Sawnee Mountain, Forsyth County, GA (April-May) [minus]
  • Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens (May) [rhododendron species and hybrids]
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (May) [vaseyi]
  • Red Hills section, AL (May) [colemanii]
  • Santee River watershed, SC (May) [eastmanii]
  • Mount Cheaha, AL (May) [cumberlandense, arborescens, periclymenoides]
  • Tray Mountain, GA (April-May) [calendulaceum + ??]
  • Vogel State Park, GA (May-June) [cumberlandense, calendulaceum, + ??]
  • Hooper Bald, NC (June) [calendulaceum]
  • Wine Spring and Wayah Balds (June) [arborescens, calendulaceum]
  • Providence Canyon, GA (late July-early August) [prunifolium]
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (October) [fall foliage]

Let us know if you are interested in any of these trips and have any other ideas of places to explore.

We think pictures are very important. Better than words, pictures can give you much information.

sawnee-1In our newsletters, web pages, and PDF articles, we try to to illustrate with appropriate pictures. How better to explain field trips and gardens than with pictures? We find  many web sites may just have a picture or two. In such a complex group of plants as rhododendrons and particularly deciduous azalea species, one or two pictures cannot convey the variation that exists. Through our photo albums, we intend to eventually document some of the characteristics, habit, habitat, and variety of these plants. In addition to photo albums of plant species, hybrids, and clones, we will show some of the sights of our field trips, garden visits, and other events.

When you click on the Calendar menu tab at the top of any of our web pages, you will open our calendar. Here you will find our scheduled meetings, field trips, and other events.

We offer three ways to look at scheduled dates: chronologically (by year), by month, and by category (meetings, field trips, other events). You can also search for a particular event. In any of these views, clicking on an event will open a page with more details, including the contact for more information. Use the back tab at the top left of the screen to go back to the previous page.

2014 is already filled with interesting meetings with many field trips and other events included. You may see, download, or print the entire yearly schedule here. When updates and changes to the schedule occur, we will notify you through this news blog.