Welcome to 2018! We at the Azalea Chapter ARS are looking forward to spring. More of our past Azalea Blooms newsletters have been added to our website. We think they are outstanding, interesting, colorful, and packed with information. We believe in pictures! Of course, if you want to read our newsletters in a timely manner as soon as they are released, become a member of our chapter and have them sent hot off the electronic press directly to your email inbox.  

In these past newsletters just posted here on our site, you will find information not only on our meetings and field trips, but also on spectacular members’ gardens, the best annual azalea and rhododendron plant sale in the Southeast, plant labeling, red buckeyes, Pieris, the Franklinia and Gordonia, great plants that bloom in May, propagation hints, rhododendrons in Scotland, member John Kohli’s evergreen azalea hybrids, and how to tell the difference between a Pinxterbloom azalea and a Piedmont azalea.

These fat, downy, Piedmont azalea buds are biding their time till warmer weather arrives. When the dogwood blossoms are full, our native wild honeysuckle bursts forth. Are you excited about the coming of spring?


Charlie Andrews