We plan to have a full season of field trips for 2014. Keep checking our Calendar and this News Blog for specific dates. As you know, bloom times can vary greatly; they could be earlier than normal as in 2012 or later than normal as in 2013. We will offer car pools whenever we can. Possible locations for trips include:

  • Roswell Mill area, Fulton County, GA (April) [R. canescens, flammeum, calendulaceum]
  • Lumpkin County, GA (April & May) [canescens, calendulaceum, arborescens]
  • Dawson Forest, Dawson County, GA (April & May) [canescens + ??]
  • Hall County, GA (April & May) [canescens, arborescens, calendulaceum, + ??]
  • Sawnee Mountain, Forsyth County, GA (April-May) [minus]
  • Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens (May) [rhododendron species and hybrids]
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (May) [vaseyi]
  • Red Hills section, AL (May) [colemanii]
  • Santee River watershed, SC (May) [eastmanii]
  • Mount Cheaha, AL (May) [cumberlandense, arborescens, periclymenoides]
  • Tray Mountain, GA (April-May) [calendulaceum + ??]
  • Vogel State Park, GA (May-June) [cumberlandense, calendulaceum, + ??]
  • Hooper Bald, NC (June) [calendulaceum]
  • Wine Spring and Wayah Balds (June) [arborescens, calendulaceum]
  • Providence Canyon, GA (late July-early August) [prunifolium]
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (October) [fall foliage]

Let us know if you are interested in any of these trips and have any other ideas of places to explore.